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          About us

          Demage English Exhibition Company devotes to worldwide booth design and construction in 118 cities in 32 countries around the world can provide you with.
          Successful Cases

          Demage English can provide you examples in 32 counties and 118 cities. Choose us with a nice start .
          Our Customers

          welcome you to view our successful cases for Top 500 enterprises.

          Demage news center. We provide you the latest news of our company and worldwide exhibition news. Welcome your visit .
          Contact us

          Do not hesitate .contact use .we can help you to build up your own brand image with EI.
              Deutsch / English / 中文 / Fran?ais / Espa?ol / 日本語 / ?? / Русский язык      Tel : +86-18817558883    +86-18816972990
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          Company Profile

               Demage - DEsign and MAnagement for Global Exhibitions.

               Demage International Messe Ltd. incorporates the idea of creative marketing for exhibitions, events and showrooms by providing design, construction, project management and multimedia services including innovative technologies such as VR and AR.

          With its global reach, Demage serves its clients on all five continents and in over 40 countries including Germany, France, Spain, USA, UK, UAE, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, China, India, Singapore, Japan and Australia.

          Demage profile in China

               Demage International Messe in China is a subsidiary of the listed Lingnan Landscape Group (SZ002717).

               Demage has established research centers based on the integration of enterprises, universities and research institutes to develop the latest technologies, in particular by engaging in the Collaborative Research Program with the University of Minnesota and by cooperating with the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the China Academy of Art and Donghua University. This ensures that Demage is up-to-date with the latest exhibiting trends, techniques and practices.

               Demage International Messe Ltd. is recognized as a leader in the Chinese exhibition market. Introduced by Demage, the “Exhibition Identity System” has been granted the Chinese national patent.

               Furthermore, Demage was accredited by China Association for Exhibition Centers as a grade one exhibition enterprise.

               Demage is committed to help Chinese leading brands succeed in a global marketing environment and to enhance their position among international leaders.

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          Booth Design,Booth Building,Booth Planning,Exhibition Planning,Exhibition Hall Design,Conference & Exhibition Services
          Online Customer Service
          • TEL : (86)-21-51089939
          • FAX : (86)-21-60904230
          • PHONE : 18817558883
          • E-MAIL:shanghai@demage.com
          Demage English Exhibition Company
          If in need of exhibition design and booth construction anywhere in the world, please contact us.
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