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          About us

          Demage English Exhibition Company devotes to worldwide booth design and construction in 118 cities in 32 countries around the world can provide you with.
          Successful Cases

          Demage English can provide you examples in 32 counties and 118 cities. Choose us with a nice start .
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          welcome you to view our successful cases for Top 500 enterprises.

          Demage news center. We provide you the latest news of our company and worldwide exhibition news. Welcome your visit .
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          Do not hesitate .contact use .we can help you to build up your own brand image with EI.
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          nachi      JIAYIE      JINTON      MENGNA      Aviation Museum      Italian Pavilion      German Pavilion      Information and Communication Pavilion      Petroleum Museum      Turkey Pavilion      Singapore Pavilion      Austrian Pavilion      Chile Pavilion     
          As Italy in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the image of the external display window and a bridge, the pavilion is like a box of 60x70x20 meters "box", organic glass lines throughout the entire building is divided into a number of independent, non-symmetricalthe body block, stairs, elevators, escalators, corridor traffic organization, its functions have different interrelated, these functional modules, representing each region of Italy, Italy is like a miniature city.
          EXPO 2010 SHANGHAI CHINA
          Aviation Museum
          German Pavilion
          Information and Communication Pavilion
          Petroleum Museum
          Turkey Pavilion
          Singapore Pavilion
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          Demage English Exhibition Company
          If in need of exhibition design and booth construction anywhere in the world, please contact us.
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